8268 Veteran's Highway • Millersville, MD • 410-987-7700

Salon Hours

Tuesday10am - 8pm
Wednesday9am - 8pm
Thursday10am - 8pm
Friday9am - 6pm
Saturday8am - 4pm
We accomodate bridal parties or special appointments earlier if needed.

Staff Bios

  • Christina Prieto - Owner

    Christina has been the salon owner for over 25 years, she  has a  college degree in mass... (read more)

  • Amber McGuigan, ManagerAmber McGuigan - Manager

    Amber is a Manager at our salon. Before joining our team, she worked several other managerial... (read more)

  • Pam Medley, Cosmetologist, Level 4Pam Medley - Cosmetologist, Level 4

    Pam is a cosmetologist at our salon. She specializes in dimensional foil and color, designer... (read more)

  • Brenda Evans, Cosmetologist, Level 4Brenda Evans - Cosmetologist, Level 4

    Brenda is a level 4 cosmetologist at our salon. She has been doing hair for 25 years. She... (read more)

  • Linda  Kennedy, Cosmetologist, Level 4Linda Kennedy - Cosmetologist, Level 4

    Linda is a senior cosmetologist at our salon. She specializes in haircuts for men, women, and... (read more)

  • Debbie Knight, Cosmetologist, Level 4Debbie Knight - Cosmetologist, Level 4

    Debbie has worked at Christina Josephs Salon since 2009. She has owned her own salon for over... (read more)

  • Lisa Hammond, Cosmetologist, Level 4Lisa Hammond - Cosmetologist, Level 4

    Lisa is a senior cosmetologist at our salon. She specializes in creative color,... (read more)

  • Laura Anne Benitez, Cosmetologist, Level 4Laura Anne Benitez - Cosmetologist, Level 4

    Laura Anne is a Cosmetologist, Level 4 at our salon. She has over 16 years experience and has served... (read more)

  • Tricia Corbin, Cosmetologist, Level 3Tricia Corbin - Cosmetologist, Level 3

    Tricia has been a part of our team for over 7 years. She brought her expertise in managing,... (read more)

  • Ashley Deacon, Cosmetologist, Level 3Ashley Deacon - Cosmetologist, Level 3

    Ashley came from managing a salon in Severna Park and began her career at Christina... (read more)

  • Stefanie Hook, Cosmetologist, Level 3Stefanie Hook - Cosmetologist, Level 3

    Stefanie has been a cosmetologist for over 8 years. She currently holds a license in MD and VA. She... (read more)

  • Sheryl Tudor, Cosmetologist, Level 3Sheryl Tudor - Cosmetologist, Level 3

    Sheryl is a cosmetologist at our salon. She has been serving clients for over 17 years, and... (read more)

  • Lacie Bateman, Cosmetologist, Level 3Lacie Bateman - Cosmetologist, Level 3

    Lacie is a Cosmetologist, Level 2 at our salon. Lacie has been a cosmetologist for over 7... (read more)

  • Donna Hoover, Cosmetologist, Level 3Donna Hoover - Cosmetologist, Level 3

    Donna is new to our salon. She has over 36 years of experience as a stylist. She specializes in... (read more)

  • Linda Wagner, Cosmetologist, Level 3Linda Wagner - Cosmetologist, Level 3

    Linda has been working as a stylist for over 45 years. She recently joined our salon after working... (read more)

  • Mary Crouse, Cosmetologist, Level 2Mary Crouse - Cosmetologist, Level 2

    Mary has been a licensed Cosmetologist for over 25 years. She has a strong passion and desire to... (read more)

  • Megan McIntyre, Cosmetologist, Level 2Megan McIntyre - Cosmetologist, Level 2

    Megan has worked at Christina Josephs Salon since 2013. She specializes in men and woman... (read more)

  • Sam  Eggleston, CosmetologistSam Eggleston - Cosmetologist

    Sam is the newest addition to our salon. She started working in a salon from a young age and quickly... (read more)

  • Lori Kent, Nail TechnicianLori Kent - Nail Technician

    Lori is a Nail Technician at our salon. She specializes in Waxing, Manicures, and Pedicures.

  • Debbie Baublitz, EstheticianDebbie Baublitz - Esthetician

    Debbie has worked at Christina Josephs Salon since 2009. She specializes in skin care,... (read more)